Content & Strategy

Understanding your customer's voice is a key to developing a strategy for their campaign. At Hibiscus Media Group, we have a team that works on strategy not only through understanding this voice, but also by understanding the end customer's needs. This exercise helps deliver meaningful content in the client's own voice, but focused on the audience, ie. the end customer.

Learning and understanding how the end customer responds to a combination of words, phrases, sentences and even pictures and videos, help our team deliver a narrative that makes the story interesting and the campaign effective. This is especially important, given the multitude of choices that today's consumers have.

The deployment of this content is done in phases of requirement across platforms that are increasingly synergized. The needs of a website and that of a blog and perhaps that of an HR management system or even social media platforms have to reflect one unified voice of a brand while adjusting tone and relevance to suit the platform.